Who will care?

You say you believe in God and Jesus is your Lord
You go every sunday to the church and listen to the word
You pray sometimes and think it’s alright
But do you listen to what Jesus says?

Who will hear - the cry of the lost?
Who will see - and bring them help?
God wants them all - who will care?

You are saved, you are forgiven, oh you are so sure
You do your job not caring much for what’s going on
But can’t you feel God’s heart is aching hard
Aching for the lost you never cared

I’s our holy duty to go out and preach
Preach the words of love and hope and eternal life
There are so many people going down
We’re not he only ones that Jesus died for

We’re living in the last days and Jesus is coming soon
Do you try to reach the lost or do you hide yourself in your room?
Can you really sleep knowing that people are going to hell
Just because you’ve never told them the truth about the living well
Let us make sure that we do the will of God.

© Words and Music by Robbe, 1998