Tell 'em from God

Once upon a time far down in Palestine
There lived and grew up a man who did no crime
He was baptized in the Jordan by a man called John 
Who said: „He is the lamb“ and where he’s coming from
Jesus is his name, he came to set you free
He called some fishermen and said: „Come follow me“

Go, go, go to the people go, go to the people go
Go to the people go, go to the people go
Tell ‘em from God

Jesus told the people ‘bout the love of God
He wants to set them free from their sin and mud
He rose the dead, healed the sick and helped the poor
He never said a bad word to the people for sure
But they did not accept him as their only boss
They took him up to pilate and they nailed him to the cross

They took him to a grave where he didn’t stay
For the power of our Lord made the city shake 
He went back to his disciples who first couldn’t believe
He gave them a job for which we also should live
He said: „Go out to the nations and to everyone
To preach the Good News, oh yeah, until it’s done“

© Music by Chuck Berry
    © Text by FIRE