The Show goes on

I was just a sinner thought I was a winner
But all that I gained was depression
I didn't like my mother, hated my brother
And pride was my only confession
Got drunk till I fell, got a headache like hell
And thought that is good for me
Got my lungs filled with tar, drove a highspeed car, yeah
I wanted just to be free

Oh, oh, don't you know
Oh, oh, the show goes on

Looking for a pretty, I never felt a pity
To leave her in sorrow alone
Needed satisfaction, I only wanted action
Without it I started to moan
Rejected institution, I wanted Revolution
Couldn't bow my head, nor my knees
People had to do, what I wanted them to
Never ever learned to say:"Please"

Oh, oh, don't you know
Oh, oh, the show goes on

This life was a hole that nearly swallowed my soul
I felt like dancing on the edge of a knife
Down in the deepest night, there shone a bright light
I knew this would be the change of my life
Jesus is his name who conquered my shame
He gave his live for me on the cross
I know he is the way for us to Heaven's gate
And that is why I call him my boss

Oh, oh, don't you know
Oh, oh, now the show goes on


© Music by Jan Groth
© Text by FIRE