No Party in Hell

All is right, nothing's wrong
I am good, I am strong
I got no master, there is no law
The only truth is what I saw

A child's killing for a poor man's food. 
Who is evil, who is good
It's no surprise, the world's on fire. 
Nobody sees that its master is a liar

Hey, there's no party in hell
Don't believe it's a good place to dwell
Get your eyes on the right way
Look into Jesus, he won't turn away

Sometimes when you're all alone
Your so lonely and your power's gone
Can't you see, it's a lie
The devil's got you, don't you see why

Get on your knees, begin to pray
Forget the devil, he's got nothing to say
Now change the sides, come to the Son
You seem to loose, but the war is won

I can imagine what you feel inside, being torn in two
Satan wants to keep you, what will you do?
This battle you must fight alone, I pray that you will win
Together we'll walk hand in hand, and together we'll fight for him

© Words and Music by FIRE, April 1995



Den Text hat Hansi geschrieben als Antwort auf das Lied "Highway to Hell" von AC/DC. Das Lied soll klarstellen, daß die Hölle kein Platz ist, an den man möglichst schnell hin will.