He's gone

Where's my love, the one I had
I can't believe that he should be dead
I hear his laughter in the wind
It's all I got left from him

When he went winter came to me
Life has frozen cold, and can't you see
That I have loved him, I loved him hard
Now he is ripped out of my heart

He's gone - Forever 
He's gone - Forever
He's gone - Forever 
Oh Lord, what must I learn?

Hey you, Jesus, why didn't you stop the car
You knew it when we went that he would drive too far
Please, please help me to live from this time on
For my love he is and now he has gone

So come on tell me why this had to be
I don't understand it and I'll hide my memory
Lord I surrender to you I give my life
PLease, please save me from the edge of this knife

Maybe you didn't want me to go that way
Maybe you wanted me by your side to stay
Maybe you thought I could save some from decay
Maybe you wanted to keep me from much worse days
Maybe if I'll keep on like that I'll never find a rest
But over all the questions I know you're doing your best
Oh Lord I know, you're doing your best

He's gone - Forever in your arms
He's gone - Forever by your side
He's gone - Forever in your arms
Oh Lord, now I have learned.

© Words and Music by Hansi, März 1993



Diese Lied entstand nach der Nachricht vom Autounfall von einem befreundeten Pärchen. Sie waren verlobt und wollten bald heiraten. In einer Kurve waren sie zu schnell und kamen von der Straße ab. Sie wurde rausgeschleudert und überlebte. Er nicht.