The Cross

Look into the eyes of the man at the cross 
Do you really feel nothing
Are you sure he won't open his arms
And hold you so tight

How can you say that his love is not for you
When he died on that day and he showed us the way to life

At the cross is where you're at home
At the cross you'll never be alone
Just open your heart be honest and start
And fix your eyes on the cross

Look into your eyes and into your heart
Tell me what are you hiding
Does it feel like a wall on your way 
Through the open door? To the promised land?

Just reach out, he will help you to stand
The Word tells us so and he will never go away

There are so many ways laying before me
Tell me which I should go
Could you please give me a sign
That shines in the dark, that lights my way

© Words and Music by Hansi, September 1996