Carry You

God will carry you, don’t be afraid
Faithful is the guardian watching over you
Strong is his arm which guides you through the life
God is a God who thinks of his children

„I will carry you“, God says, „So don’t be afraid
Even if you seem to be alone, count on me“

God will carry you with hands so mild
He loves you like a father loves his child
In faith this stands as solid as a rock
God is a God who never leaves us

God will carry you when lonely you go
God will hear you, when you’re crying, you implore
Believe it even if the morning has been grey
God is a God who’ll never go away

God will carry you, God will carry you
God will carry you through

God will carry you through days of misery
God will stand by you in old age, when you leave
True is his word, when all seems crushing down
God is a God who stays forever


© Words and Music by Robbe, Januar 1996